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What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Horvath Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please contact one of our two locations if you have any questions.

Health & Happiness,
Dr. Matt Horvath

Knowledgeable & Compassionate

I love going to Dr. Horvath. He is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and I know I will get the help and relief I am seeking.

Denise H (Dec 13/13)

Made Me Feel Very Welcome

I am ready to be WELL I would love to give my testimonial of wellness for the benefit of others that have been dealing with these very same issues. Mrs. Wanda and Dr. Horvath made me feel very welcome and I am so very glad that I went to see them.

Thank you!! Sherry J (Oct 29/13)

I was in Good Hands

Dr. Horvath put my mind at ease and answered all my questions , and I knew from the 1st visit I was in good hands and on the way to feeling better and being healthy. Dr. H all doctors should have your great bedside manner. Wanda is the 1st person you see & speak with, and is very good at what she does,
She has a great & warm personality. You feel like a person not a number.

Terry S (Oct 23/13)

Thank You!

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain my treatment plan. I have a more positive outlook after my office visit.

Joyce R (Aug 6/13)


Dr. Horvath and Mrs. Wanda were wonderful. Once I filled out the initial paperwork I was seen by the doctor immediately. He was very kind and professional. I felt right at home and even began treatment the same day.

Taylor D (July 1/13)

Severe Arthritis, Poor circulation and Chronic swelling in Legs

I first came to Dr. Horvath in December of 2010 with severe arthritis, poor circulation and chronic swelling in my legs. I have worked with him in connection and approval of my medical doctor, using anodyne treatment and acupuncture as a supplemental form of treatment. I am much improved, can walk with ease, work in my garden and do the things I like to do. I strongly recommend Dr. Horvath for his knowledgable approach and his honest appraisal of the situation.

Kate Spruill Harrison

Joint Pain, Diminishing Energy, Mood Swings & Hot Flashes

Before taking the Nutri-Energetics (Infoceuticals), I had joint pain, diminishing energy, mood swings, and hot flashes that were associated with perimenopause. It was a struggle to complete my exercise routine that I had been doing previously for months. Upon starting the Infoceuticals, I immediately began having more energy and decreased joint pain. I also have an overall feeling of well-being and am able to be more focused. The hot flashes have all but disappeared, having had only two in the past three months. I like to refer to the Nutri-Energetics as my “fountain of youth.”


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Recently I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. My medical doctor prescribed medicines I was not comfortable taking. After taking two months of NES. I am symptom free, sleeping soundly at night and my concentration has greatly improved. I am now on my 3rd month of NES and continue to progress.

J. Cooke

Shoulder Pain & Numbness along side of face

I have been going to Dr. Horvath for a couple of months for shoulder pain as well as numbness along the side of my face. My medical Dr. said I would require surgery to correct this problem. Through chiropractic care, exercise and physiotherapy by Dr. Horvath, I am regaining strength and mobility in my shoulder and the numbness has gone away.

Also I have been taking the Infoceuticals for the past few months. These have increased my energy level and I can think more clearly.

M. Batten

Breath-Taking Pain & inability to put weight on Right Foot.

“Having endured periodic back challenges over the course of ten years, my neurosurgeon had prepared me for the fact that I would most likely have to have surgery eventually. And then one morning I awakened to experience breath-taking pain and the inability to put any weight on my right foot. After a trip to the emergency room, multiple steroid treatments and visits to the neurosurgeon, I was still getting little relief after four months.

Add to the fact that I am allergic to most pain medication, and needless to say I was more than frustrated. As a business owner, also serving as a consultant, speaker, and executive coach, my worst fears were starting to be realized. For months, there were many days that I could not stand or walk and I feared the worst, not only my health, but also the impact this would have on my family, my clients, my business, and my staff.

In an attempt to go in to the office one day, I was in so much pain that I literally was unable to get out of my car. Although I knew little regarding chiropractic care, I knew Matt personally from another professional affiliation. Although angry & embarrassed, I drove to his office for help. Matt and Jennifer immediately came out and helped me get out of the vehicle and into the office. They were able to further assess my condition and try to give me some relief. With daily treatment and adjustments over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, I was back up and walking and in very little pain! I very honestly told Matt that I had always thought that chiropractic care involved aggressive “back cracking”, with little regard to serious back conditions like mine; however, I have been amazed at how well my back has responded to these painless treatments and non-aggressive adjustments! One month prior to being unable to walk, I directed my niece’s wedding and was on my feet almost all day!

A certified personal trainer and health and wellness coach as well, I am also a committed proponent of natural approaches to wellness and care when available. Matt also has a wide range of natural options for pain relief and restoring the body’s imbalances, including magnet therapy, acupressure, acupuncture, and infoceuticals. After having experienced the benefits of chiropractic care first hand, I now recommend it to my friends, family, and clients.”

Allison K. Sikes
President & CEO
Strategy Performance LLC
“Transforming Knowledge Into Measurable Results!”
[email protected]

Bulging & Herniated Disks

My experience with chiropractic has been wonderful. I came to Dr. Horvath as a last resort after my orthopedic doctor indicated there was nothing else he could do to help me with the bulging and herniated disks in my neck. I couldn’t take any more cortisone shots. The next step was to see a surgeon. The 2 + years I spent had not effectively relieved the pain in my neck and the constant pain in my arm and hand.

The first thing Dr. Horvath did was to take x-rays. He reviewed them in detail with me and indicated he thought he could help me. I was initially skeptical because no one else had been able to relieve my pain. I couldn’t even effectively do my job everyday. After I began treatment, I noticed gradual improvements. Each week things improved more until I was functioning at a somewhat normal level. Wow! What a blessing! I did make a silly mistake I know others have made. When I started feeling better, I thought I could stop going for periodic treatments. Big Mistake!! Dr. Horvath was able to “fix” me again when I went back. I now understand the value of the periodic treatments.

I have also tried the Infoceuticals. They are providing healthy benefits to my body by assisting it with minerals, energy, and balance it needs daily.

B. Stallings

Compassionate Chiropractor

I highly recommend Dr. Matt Horvath. He has so much compassion for all of his patients, is so well educated and experienced in all of his treatments.

Dr. Horvath is very knowledgeable in acupuncture. He spent time in Beijing, China to learn more about it.

N.A. Lewis

Severe pain in Neck radiating down Arm

I started having severe pain in my neck that soon radiated down my right arm. I went to a medical doctor who prescribed numerous medications with no relief. I even went to second medical doctor because I could not stand the pain. Finally I decided to try chiropractic care.

My first few visits were very informative and there was nothing to be scared of. Dr. Horvath kept working with the areas of my spine to correct the pain in my right arm and shoulder. I decided to also try acupuncture, which helped extensively to relieve pain in my right arm. My arm is back to normal now and I keep going to Dr. Horvath for routine maintenance, kind of like I do for my car, but instead something to help me. Chiropractic care does work and I would suggest anyone visiting this website to at least give it a try. Your health is important and you should feel your best. Now its time, do it for yourself. Your body will thank you later. Thanks Dr. Horvath and Jennifer and my spine really thanks you.

Andrew Callihan, Jr.- Another Satisfied Customer

Spinal Arthritis

I had been living with spinal arthritis for quite some time without it giving me too much of a problem, except for occasional flareups. Recently, the condition had become so severe that my life was becoming extremely painful and difficult. I could not turn my head more than an inch or so in either direction. I tried all the usual, pain medications, heat and cold, but nothing helped.

I definitely did not want to see a medical doctor for this, and receive yet another prescription medication to add to my daily routine. And I sure wasn’t ready to explore any surgical remedies either. I began seeing Dr Horvath for chiropractic treatments. The therapy and adjustments provided some relief, but not as much as they had helped with other problems I had experienced in the past. The decision was made to try acupuncture. The procedure, surprisingly, was not painful. Dr Horvath inserted needles along the sides of my hands and feet. The needles remained in place while I rested quietly for about fifteen minutes. The needles were then removed and I went home feeling the same as I went in. On the very next morning, I awoke feeling practically no neck pain and was able to turn my head much more freely. Amazingly, the chronic pain that I had been experiencing in my hands was also gone. Throughout the next few days, I experienced a return of some of the pain & stiffness, but not as severe as before. I went back for my second treatment a week after the first one. Again, within less than 24 hours, the pain & stiffness in my neck was gone, as well as the pain in my hands. I’m not sure how many treatments will be necessary for this problem to be completely under control, but I can say I believe I am definitely on the road to recovery finally. I’m so thankful to have the benefit of Dr Horvath’s skill and knowledge in acupuncture available to me. I am truly blessed.

Valerie Pipkin

Cortisone shots for Hip Pain

I have been going to Dr. Horvath for a month now and have seen major changes. I had been getting cortisones shots for over 5 yrs, about every 3 months for hip pain. I decided that I didn’t want to have shots anymore for fear of more deterioration from the shots. I could tell a big difference the first trip to his office! I truly believe in acupuncture as it has given me the mobility that I didn’t have before. I used to have a cane to walk with or I would grab a cart in the stores, to prop up on, because of hip pain. I am so glad that I decided to come for acupuncture and hope. I would say I am 60% better than I was. I will continue to come as long as I continue to feel better. Thanks Dr. Horvath for all you and your assistant have done to make my life more livable.

Darlene Patterson

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